Sun-Ken Rock level 105 to 115 quick reviews

Sun-Ken Rock level 105 to 115 quick reviews on Batoto

Since 10 or so chapters in Sun-Ken Rock, wherever I go I see people complaining about the “slow-paced storyline” or “lack of content”. I didn’t think much of it till now except maybe for some punctual attempt to right some too obvious lack of perceptions.

But I finally went through with it and went ahead to write a big wall of text containing short summaries/reviews of the important points that a reader in haste could have missed.

They are for level 105 to 115 and their sole aim is to help people have a better understanding of this awesome and gorgeous manga that is Sun-Ken Rock. Here, the art dimension is purposely put aside as to help you focus on the story itself. I know that Boichi’s stunning art can be too much for some and simply shut down any kind of understanding.

Anyways, enough rambling. If you are interested, just go to this discussion thread on Batoto’s related Sun-Ken Rock forum.

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