Win a SKR contest – December [RESULT]

Win a SKR contest – December

Win a SKR contest - December

December’s Winner

Let’s congratulate BTrinidad for his win in the Win a SKR contest – December issue. December’s issue only had one entry so it can be considered a default win even though he offered us a gorgeous fan art. He’ll receive the first volume of Sun Ken Rock in Japanese.

I’m putting the contest on hold as of now because of the lack of entries. It’s not a definitive thing but there won’t be any new Win a SKR contest until enough people wishing to take part. Remember that this contest allow(ed) you to win a manga by Boichi of your choice, since its creation, 9 manga were won.

Since its creation in April 2012, the contest ran 9 times and saw crowned 6 winners for a total of 27 entries. Once more, congratulation to all of them! The different winners since the contest creation are as follows:

Berdugo (April)
Bioman (May, June, August, November)
Gurk (July)
Sophie (September)
Mariano_ska (October)
BTrinidad (December)

You can enjoy all the entries to the contest since it’s creation in the following hall of fame.


Win a SKR contest – November [RESULT]

6rAhYThis month’s winner is Bioman! For the third time!!!

This month’s theme was “Winter”.

Winner: Bioman (#1) with 18pts
2nd: BTrinidad (14pts)
3rd: Ragnarok (10pts)

Congratulation to all of them, you can check their entries on the voting thread. Congratulation to all the participants, let’s hope to see them back soon!

Also, December’s contest themed “Christmas” is ongoing. You have until the end of the month to submit your fanart.

Entries needs to be sent to Weaper through pm or e-mail:
– pm:
– e-mail:

Win a SKR November’s voting and December’s theme.

November’s “Win a SKR contest” voting thread is now open!

Starting today we will be voting on November’s “Win a SKR contest“. The voting will last for 2 weeks.
This month’s theme was “Winter”, so keep that in mind when you’re voting.
The winner will be able to choose a volume of Boichi’s work of his choice in the language of his choice (Japanese/French/Italian).


You can also take your chance at December’s contest themed “Christmas”. Hope that we’ll all get some great presents 😀

Entries needs to be sent to Weaper through pm or e-mail:
– pm:
– e-mail: