Sun-Ken Rock volume 15

The Sun Ken Rock team now aware of its opponent true identity, but that wasn’t without Tae-Soo’s sacrifice. When all faith was lost, Ken reaffirm himself and show why he’s the boss! It’s time for him to makes his move and goes for a frontal attack! Stay tuned for this deadly faceoff.

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

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5 thoughts on “Sun-Ken Rock volume 15

  1. Hello,
    I want to know the volume to be released when? (Exit to France).
    Because I pressed to know of the Volume 15, because at the end of the volume 14 is the team defied against monsters, voila!

    Thank you for answering me!

  2. Sun Ken Rock is bi-weekly right, then how come some websites like ‘’ hardly update chapters? Sometimes they update chapters after months have passed.

    • Several reason but the main being that and other manga aggregator aren’t the ones working on providing you an english version of the manga. And by that I mean ALL the manga they host.

      They are the plague of the manga world and simply steal, thanks to bots, the work of scanlation team and then degrade the work done to save some space on their server while they earn several thousands daily.

      If you want to know why, you aren’t asking the right question. Try again

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