Space Chef Caisar

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status: completed

Seinen, Echi, Sci Fi

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   Year 999 of the space calendar… Three beautiful girl, the “Monster Hunter” of team Mänade, crisscross the Galaxy. Travelling with them a young Chef, wich under his frail aspect hide the legend of Galactic Furnace : Caisar !

With his Knife, he cleaves easily every ingredients and trap in front of him… But what is his true goal ?

Illustration of the project, 2004. Kether, as flat as a board… and Binakoh, the most endowed!

The author :

The idea of Space Chef Caisar isn’t new. It goes back to 1997.
This manga is a kind of concentrate of everything that I like.
Science and SF, cute girls, cooking, I’ve really put all of it in. That’s why, for me, it’s a really important project ; one into which I’ve put a lot of effort and my own feelings.

Seeing this work born again as a manga volume brings me great pleasure.
Sixty pages were added to the old work: it’s the “Caisar” integrated version that you hold in your hands.
From my side, I drew the new adventure of that space chef for the first time in five years, thoroughly enjoying every moment of it. Overjoyed, I rediscovered the features and atmosphere alongside my old pencil. An air of happiness… I hope that it will be seen by the readers; share the happiness.

What if Caisar could come back into action as a serialized work…? Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face.


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