Sun-Ken Rock Gaiden – Yumin

Published in Gekkan Young King.

A 3 chapter long Spin-off from Sun Ken Rock, and named “Sun Ken Rock Gaiden – Yumin” with Yumin as main character, published in Gekkan Young King #10, 11 and 12.

Of course by the mangaka Boichi, the first chapter will be available the 19th of august then a month later for the next and so on.

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

status: completed


2 thoughts on “Sun-Ken Rock Gaiden – Yumin

    • the raws won’t ever be posted. if you want to read it in it’s original language, please purchase it.
      we are only bringing it to english because it’s unlicenced in this language and will probably never be.
      however we didn’t release any english version yet but it shouldn’t be long (about a week imo)

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