Did you notice?

Boichi often makes crossover or cameo in his manga, did you notice the?

Sun Ken Rock Volume 1

In level 1 page 9 we can find several picture’s over the walls and door of Ken’s room that are real work by Boichi.

Feeling on the door

SM on the wall

Winters from Lovers in Winter on the laptop

Sun Ken Rock volume 5

The poster on the walls of the Sun Ken Rock team’s office has lots of poster. Here’s a few I was able to find. From Left to Righ.

1997 anniversary
TRY (a manwha by Boichi)

Sun Ken Rock volume 6

What about the cross over with Space Chef Caisar on p12 of level 34? We learn that Ju-Mon Caesar from Sun Ken Rock is in fact the ancestor of Caisar from Space Chef Caisar!!!

We can also see the Manade in the background and Caisar’s shadow. The symbol on both chef’s toque is the same too!

Sun Ken Rock volume 10

Boichi is a fan of Trigun by Yasuhiro Nightow and so for the release of the movie “Trigun : Badlands Rumble” (24 april 2010), Boichi published a special 32 page long chapter called “Trigun – The Lost Plant” in Young King #10 from Shônen-Gahôsha. What’s more he advertised the movie in theatre with that chapter.


Sun Ken Rock volume 11

level 68 page 18: SM on the wall

level 68 page 19: SM on the wall


Sun Ken Rock volume 13

page 5 of level 80: main character of Diablo Metatron, another manwha by Boichi.

Sun Ken Rock Gaiden Yumin

In the 21st page of the fist chapter we can the scene where Ken gets rejected by Yumin in Sun Ken Rock level 1

Present (Hotel)

At the end of the one-shot Present, from the Hotel compilation, we can see what looks like the Hotel in ruin from Hotel: since A.D. 2079 of the same compilation.


3 thoughts on “Did you notice?

  1. I find the Present(hotel) with the Hotel in the Background the Nicest/Best of the Crossovers Refferneces.

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