Momo no Musume – NEW

momo no musume - newMomo no Musume is Boichi’s new manga

In Momo no Musume, a young teacher gets the charge of 2 young girl. After being tricked by their mother into becoming their (step)father. What’s more, he is even their homeroom teacher.

Newly published in Monthly Young King, in this new manga Boichi will mainly picture fanservice and comedy. I believe you all know Boichi’s fascination for asses so you know what you can expect *perv*

Anyways, I hope to bring it to you soon. Stay tuned!


Momo no Musume!

momonomusumeFilling the spot left by Feed Yumin’s ending, Boichi’s new title will start this 19th of December in Monthly Young King #2 of 2013.

Momo no Musume!” is the story of a teacher tricked by a woman into taking care of 2 young girls, becoming their father.

I’ll get this chapter in a couple of weeks so I’ll have more info at this point, wait for it!

English: Some of you may have wondered about the new “SITE EN FRANCAIS” button the upper right of the site. It means basically “SITE IN FRENCH” (crazy right?).

France is the 2nd country in the world manga-wise (after Japan ofc) and the #1 in Europe. Number of Boichi’s manga are published there (Sun-Ken Rock, Space Chef Caisar, Hotel, Raqiya/Sanctum) and it was only a matter of time before it happened. So I present to you !!!

This french site will be devoid of scanlation so no need to go there while seeking free reading, at best you’ll get free previews. Only some news solely relative to France might be over there and not here.

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Young King 20

Sun Ken Rock level 108 is making the cover of Young King #20. We even gets to have a double lenght chapter spawning 40 pages.

Stay tuned to see that awesome fight of Titans! The Kitano Ken VS Ban Phuong fight promise to be the peak of this Real Estate arc and our raw provider outdone itself to provide us with level 106 to 108 at once!

Sanctum volume 5 [FR]

Et voici enfin venu la conclusion de Sanctum (Raqiya) avec ce 5ème et dernier volume plus apocalyptic que jamais. Ce volume publié par Glénat est disponible dans toutes bonnes librairies françaises. Vous pouvez aussi le commander dés maintenant par la Fnac ou Amazon. N’oubliez pas d’acheter les volumes disponibles dans votre langue afin de supporter le mangaka.

Here’s the fifth and last volume of Sanctum (Raqiya) bringing a close over this apocalyptic manga. It is published by Glénat and available in every good french libraries. You can already order it through Fnac or Amazon. Don’t forget to buy the volumes when they are available in your language as to support the mangaka.

Sun Ken Rock volume 2 [JManga]

Sun-Ken Rock volume 2 is now available in english by the official digital editor:

They are releasing volume at a fast pace and in good quality. It’s the perfect opportunity to reread this great manga and of course support the author!


Synopsis: Kitano Ken arrives in Korea in order to find Yumin, the girl he loves who has joined the rank of the Seoul Police. One day he find himself as the new Boss of a local Gang without any say in the situation. When life finally seemed to smile at him, Ken didn’t think twice before engaging in a fight with a Mafia gang in order to save Miss Yoo, the barmaid of the dabang where he usually hang out. Follow in that second volume, the rise of a Korean gang.
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Sun Ken Rock volume 1 [JManga/UPDATED]

It’s the D-day, as said previously here, Sun-Ken Rock volume 1 is now available digitally from an official English editor: JManga! Volume 2 will be released in August so the wait won’t be long 😉

As mentioned before, you need to register an account and acquire some points. You’ll need 499 (about $5) of these to read the full volume but you can also get it chapter by chapter for 108p each. A preview is also available if you want to see the goods before chipping in.

We will review the script and see if there were any mistakes or omissions but I can say that I’m agreeably surprised by the quality which looks pretty neat.

Sanctum volume 4 [FR]

Le quatrième volume de Sanctum (Raqiya) est disponible depuis le 18 Juillet in français. Ce manga publié par Glénat pourrat être trouvé dans toute les bonnes librairies françaises. Vous pouvez aussi le commander par la Fnac ou Amazon. N’oubliez pas d’acheter les volumes disponibles dans votre langue afin de supporter le mangaka.

Sactum’s fourth volume (Raqiya) is available since the 18th July in France. Published by Glénat, it is available in every good french libraries.  You can also order it through Fnac or Amazon. Don’t forget to buy the volumes when they are available in your language as to support the mangaka.

Sun Ken Rock volume 1 [JManga]

JManga, a digital manga editor offering a wide range of manga, announced at its panel at San Diego Comic Con that Sun-Ken Rock will be added to its catalogue. Indeed, as of this 26th of July Sun-Ken Rock volume 1 will be available for a mere 500pts (about $5).

JManga’s site act as a portal where you can browse the catalogue and find manga to purchase and read, registeration is free. Once purchased, those manga will be listed in your profile under the form of a digital library that you’ll be able to reach simply by connecting to the portal. You have two choices in payment plan: “Pay-as-you-go Plan” and “Monthly Point Plan”.

What’s more, an iOS and Android app will be released in October. The perfect opportunity to bring your favorite titles with you everywhere!

Remember that although this volume has been available online previously, purchasing SKR from JManga supports Boichi and will bring you even more SKR in the future.