The HUNT for ENERGY – hunt.3

The HUNT for ENERGY – hunt.3

The HUNT for ENERGY hunt.3And here comes the next, The HUNT for ENERGY hunt.3 is here. Luckily it didn’t take another 11 month to reach you all 😉

Released by Japanzai, this third chapter introduces a new rival that will surely come to face our team in a near future. This news added to the big challenge they need to confront, our team is at its lowest morally. After a little manipulation they are all back in the game, ready more than ever.

Left in my queue are Sun-Ken Rock level 114 and 115, Momo no musume c2, Toutetsu and many more. The next release shouldn’t take much longer so stay tuned!

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Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

About the new site, I’m still working on it but I plan to clear whatever chapters I have left on my hands before making the last sprint and finish it. Remember that you can already visite it HERE.


H.E The hunt for energy hunt.2

Yes, you aren’t dreaming! H.E the hunt for energy’s 2nd chapter is available!!!

Brought to you by Japanzai, it only (eh…) took 11 month to come out. Let’s hope I’ll find a motivated translator for it, anyone interested?

For the ones new to this manga, Hiro is a young man gifted with a peculiar vision: he can see energy. With his teammates he is in charge of “hunting” new energies and save the super-consuming Japan from an inevitable energy crisis. Read on!

H.E volume 1 and 2 are available on

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

Boichi’s draft [UPDATE]

SKR level 104 is underway and to kill some time I offer you to appreciate some of Boichi’s draft. You can see Sun Ken Rock, Raqiya, H.E, I want to feed Yumin and other. There is even 3 pages of SKR level 107 that was just finished and have yet to be published.

Enjoy the master’s work! Click HERE to see them.

[UPDATE]: 4 more draft were just posted by Boichi! Enjoy 😉

H.E The Hunt for Energy volume 1 [JP]

H.E The Hunt for Energy volume 1 is released today in Japan. Published in Jump X. This is Boichi’s most recent manga.

Japanzai already released the first chapter but because we were missing chapter 2 and 3 while we had from 4 to 7 we chose to wait for that volume before resuming the scanlation. You can read that chapter on Batoto: Chapter 1

If you want to order a copy for yourself, all the online bookstore you need can be found HERE

H.E The hunt for energy chapter 1

Here is the first chapter of H.E The hunt for energy by Boichi. This first chapter is 50 page long and has 6 color page!

It’s the story of Hiro who since he was a child had the ability to see the energy of all things under the shape of some little men. He is now the head of a team in charge of “hunting” next generation energies as to same Japan’s and the World’s future.

Hope you’ll enjoy this new serial picked up by Japanzai!

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Read online: Batoto // Japanzai