Sun-Ken Rock level 105 to 115 quick reviews

Sun-Ken Rock level 105 to 115 quick reviews on Batoto

Since 10 or so chapters in Sun-Ken Rock, wherever I go I see people complaining about the “slow-paced storyline” or “lack of content”. I didn’t think much of it till now except maybe for some punctual attempt to right some too obvious lack of perceptions.

But I finally went through with it and went ahead to write a big wall of text containing short summaries/reviews of the important points that a reader in haste could have missed.

They are for level 105 to 115 and their sole aim is to help people have a better understanding of this awesome and gorgeous manga that is Sun-Ken Rock. Here, the art dimension is purposely put aside as to help you focus on the story itself. I know that Boichi’s stunning art can be too much for some and simply shut down any kind of understanding.

Anyways, enough rambling. If you are interested, just go to this discussion thread on Batoto’s related Sun-Ken Rock forum.

Batoto’s Sun-Ken Rock discussion thread


Back in the game

Back in the game!

So yeah, some of you might have seen but has been running a bit slow on news and release lately. This is due to the fact that I’ve been busy out of my mind and with the finals added to it scanlation simply didn’t have a place anymore in my daily schedule.

But worry not! If all goes well, this week should bring you 2 chapters of Sun Ken Rock (level 114 and 115), chapter  of Momo no Musume and the third hunt of H.E.

Hope this will be enough to make myself forgiven. Stay tuned. V3 – coming soon

largeSo it’s already been over a year since I switched to’s V2 by bringing the site over to It was like a revolution for me after working with the dying combo MobileMe/iWeb. This V3 is the occasion for you to shape to your wish but we’ll talk about it at the end of this post.

As some of you might know, I’ve been really busy lately, one of the reason was that I had 27 hours of WordPress class last week. That’s why I’m taking the opportunity of my newfound knowledge to bring from wordpress.COM to wordpress.ORG. If you don’t know what’s the difference, please refer to this article.

So here’s the deal: I’ve started setting’s V3 on a self-hosted It’ll be sharing Japanzai’s server so performance will be at the top. The site itself is mainly functional, all the content is there. However, I need to readjust, update the articles/pages and add the necessaries plug-ins. This will take some time so the final transition will be either on christmas or new year.

I’m also taking this occasion to ask your opinion on what you’d like to see on this V3. Just post it in this post’s comments, not on the V3. I’ll update the following list with those I find interesting and cross it once implemented.

– Go to’s V3 –

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  • contact form
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  • social
  • ENG/FR
  • background

Give a piece of your mind

I’m taking the chance of the recent surge in visits brought by the release of Sun-Ken Rock level 106 to run a little survey for

So give a piece of your mind!

What would you like to see on Something is missing? A page needs updating? Some grammatical error? Or even if you just like the site and want to say it, voice your opinion! I’ll do my best to shape these feedback into something that everybody can enjoy.

Did you notice?


I introduce you a new page: Did you notice?

Boichi often add cameo and crossover in his manga, I’ll list on that page all those I can find. I already added a few I remembered from the top of my head but if you know some that I missed, feel free to say it in the comment.

Fundraising for a day

Like you must already know, I’m part of Japanzai, we are bringing you Boichi’s manga along a lots of others. Manga published in magazine such as Sun Ken Rock, Sun Ken Rock Gaiden – Yumin, H.E The hunt for energy and I want to feed Yumin are bought and scanned in Japan.

Up till now we didn’t ask for donation and were covering the cost by ourselves, however it happens that the scanner used (see pic) broke and the repair amount to 20,000 Yen (~$250 USD). We will pay part of that sum but if you could help by donating whatever amount you feel right, please do! You can use the following button for the next 24h (will be taken down afterwards):

Thanks a lot for all your donation, it’s really hearthwarming to see such support! You’ll get new releases soon.

Donated so far: 175$(scanner’s repair) // 232$(RAW)

Thanks a lot for your support!

edit: As an incentive, the people who generously donated will have early access to the download link to 32 pages Btooom Vol7 Limited Edition Omake artbook.  The content being R-rated, so please add a message in your donation if you do not wish to receive that link.

edit2: thanks a lot for your donation! you guyz are awesome!!! We’ll share 175$ for the scanner’s repairs, the donation link will be left till the end of the 24hours delay and the additionnal donation will go for raw cost.

ps: Boichi’s mangas listed in this post aren’t the only one concerned: other manga such as Btooom, Maga-Tsuki, Highschool DxD & spin-off, Amagami, Ore no kanojo, Ore no Kouhai, Papakiki’s series and others depend on that scanner.


Want to help share more of Boichi’s awesomeness? Join now!

Need Cleaners for Sun Ken Rock volumes 2 through 5, as well as Redrawers who are able to handle Boichi’s art.

Redrawers able to redraw color pages (to remove text) are needed!

Colorists are always welcome to enhance the releases or join just for fun. Our raws are from 3000px to 6000px high so you’ll be working on HQ material.