Sun-Ken Rock level 105 to 115 quick reviews

Sun-Ken Rock level 105 to 115 quick reviews on Batoto

Since 10 or so chapters in Sun-Ken Rock, wherever I go I see people complaining about the “slow-paced storyline” or “lack of content”. I didn’t think much of it till now except maybe for some punctual attempt to right some too obvious lack of perceptions.

But I finally went through with it and went ahead to write a big wall of text containing short summaries/reviews of the important points that a reader in haste could have missed.

They are for level 105 to 115 and their sole aim is to help people have a better understanding of this awesome and gorgeous manga that is Sun-Ken Rock. Here, the art dimension is purposely put aside as to help you focus on the story itself. I know that Boichi’s stunning art can be too much for some and simply shut down any kind of understanding.

Anyways, enough rambling. If you are interested, just go to this discussion thread on Batoto’s related Sun-Ken Rock forum.

Batoto’s Sun-Ken Rock discussion thread


Sun-Ken Rock level 115

Sun-Ken Rock level 115

Sun-Ken Rock level 115Aaaaand Sun-Ken Rock level 115 is here for your eyes to feast upon! Brough to you by Japanzai.

As expected, Ken is back in the game and ready to face Ban Phuong again. Yumin’s support made him remember that he isn’t alone. He has countless people behind him! What about Ban Phuong? He fought because he loath the states but is that all?

Anyways, we once more caught up with the japanese publication and I can say that I’m proud of myself as well as all the people who helped me this week. In a mere week we were able to bring you 5 new chapters from Boichi’s titles: 2 chap of Momo no musume, 2 chap of Sun-ken Rock and one of the Hunt for Energy. I hope this will me makes me forgiven for that month-long break.

As the next Sun-Ken Rock chapter is due for the 28th of January in Japan and the next Momo no musume for the 19th of February, I’ll now resume the work on Toutetsu. It’s a long oneshot but I hope to release it soon.

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

This chapter is a part of 2013’s Young King #3.

Momo no musume chapter 2

Momo no musume chapter 2

Momo no musume chapter 2So after reflexion I chose to finish Momo no musume chapter 2 before Sun-Ken Rock level 115. Why? As to not spoil you too much, a bit of wait will make it even better.

This chapter titled “Momo’s stomach” is as usual released by Japanzai. In this second chapter Shintarou tries to reaffirm his position as the girls’ father, the result isn’t the one expected…

From what I can see, this manga won’t be some borderline hentai but rather a story toying with the limit of what’s perverted or not, and what’s difference it makes if it’s a man or a father doing this things. Shintarou will have a hard time but it’ll sure be interesting to see how it develops and what their relationship will bring in the future.

After a first chapter spanning 24 pages, this one cuts short to 16. I believe it’s going to be the normal length of the chapters from now on. Next one the 19th of February!

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

This chapter is a part of 2013′s Monthly Young King #3.

Sun Ken Rock level 114

Sun Ken Rock level 114

Sun Ken Rock level 114What do we want?

Sun Ken Rock level 114!

When do we want it?


Well, well, well… Lately, that seems to sums up the mindset of most leechers (not to associate with thankful readers).

Anyways here you go! Behold Sun Ken Rock level 114! Brought to you by Japanzai, this chapter is a BIG landmine as it answers a question old of 114 chapters: How will Yumin react when she will learn of Ken’s true job? What will she do? What did I get for dinner tonight?

I hope the ones who were complaining about a lack of progress in this arc will finally stop yapping. Especially since each chapters had an important point, maybe hard to grasp for the less implicated readers but still there.

I’m almost done on Sun Ken Rock level 115 too, just 4 double pages left to redraw. Might be able to release it over the week-end, especially since it’s just too fucking cold out there and there is not a chance in hell for me to step outside.

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

This chapter is a part of 2013’s Young King #2.

The HUNT for ENERGY – hunt.3

The HUNT for ENERGY – hunt.3

The HUNT for ENERGY hunt.3And here comes the next, The HUNT for ENERGY hunt.3 is here. Luckily it didn’t take another 11 month to reach you all 😉

Released by Japanzai, this third chapter introduces a new rival that will surely come to face our team in a near future. This news added to the big challenge they need to confront, our team is at its lowest morally. After a little manipulation they are all back in the game, ready more than ever.

Left in my queue are Sun-Ken Rock level 114 and 115, Momo no musume c2, Toutetsu and many more. The next release shouldn’t take much longer so stay tuned!

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

About the new site, I’m still working on it but I plan to clear whatever chapters I have left on my hands before making the last sprint and finish it. Remember that you can already visite it HERE.

Momo no musume chapter 1

Momo no musume chapter 1 : Momo’s kiss

Momo no musume chapter 1As promised, here’s Momo no musume ‘s first chapter. Titled “Momo’s kiss” and brought to you by Japanzai, this chapter even has 4 color pages and will not fail to bring out your pervy side!

For those who don’t know yet what this new serial by Boichi is about, here goes a short synopsis: a young teacher gets the charge of 2 young girl. After being tricked by their mother into becoming their (step)father. What’s more, he is even their home room teacher.

Anyways, I hope you’ll all enjoy this new manga and enjoy Boichi diving right in one of his favorite hobbies: ASSes!

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

I don’t know how long we’ll be able to post it on Batoto but in the meanwhile the link will be up. Enjoy!

Win a SKR contest – December [RESULT]

Win a SKR contest – December

Win a SKR contest - December

December’s Winner

Let’s congratulate BTrinidad for his win in the Win a SKR contest – December issue. December’s issue only had one entry so it can be considered a default win even though he offered us a gorgeous fan art. He’ll receive the first volume of Sun Ken Rock in Japanese.

I’m putting the contest on hold as of now because of the lack of entries. It’s not a definitive thing but there won’t be any new Win a SKR contest until enough people wishing to take part. Remember that this contest allow(ed) you to win a manga by Boichi of your choice, since its creation, 9 manga were won.

Since its creation in April 2012, the contest ran 9 times and saw crowned 6 winners for a total of 27 entries. Once more, congratulation to all of them! The different winners since the contest creation are as follows:

Berdugo (April)
Bioman (May, June, August, November)
Gurk (July)
Sophie (September)
Mariano_ska (October)
BTrinidad (December)

You can enjoy all the entries to the contest since it’s creation in the following hall of fame.

Back in the game

Back in the game!

So yeah, some of you might have seen but has been running a bit slow on news and release lately. This is due to the fact that I’ve been busy out of my mind and with the finals added to it scanlation simply didn’t have a place anymore in my daily schedule.

But worry not! If all goes well, this week should bring you 2 chapters of Sun Ken Rock (level 114 and 115), chapter  of Momo no Musume and the third hunt of H.E.

Hope this will be enough to make myself forgiven. Stay tuned.

Sun-Ken Rock volume 2 – HQ re-release

SKR-cover-vol-02aHQ release of Sun-Ken Rock volume 2

It’s been a while, a long time, an eternity (14 month) since the release of volume 1’s HQ version. We planned to do the same with vol 1 to 6 but Jmanga started releasing Sun-Ken Rock digitally and so we chose to stop and leave free them the way. Sun-Ken Rock volume 2 was mostly completed at that time, only level 12 was left to do. As to not waste the work and effort put into it, we chose to complete and release it but it’d be a couple month after Jmanga’s version. The time as come so here you go.

Remember, it’ll be the last of Japanzai‘s re-release of Sun-Ken Rock’s volume in HQ so from now on be sure to read from Jmanga! They are a legal alternative to scanlation that allows us all to give back to the mangaka: Boichi.

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

Momo no Musume – NEW

momo no musume - newMomo no Musume is Boichi’s new manga

In Momo no Musume, a young teacher gets the charge of 2 young girl. After being tricked by their mother into becoming their (step)father. What’s more, he is even their homeroom teacher.

Newly published in Monthly Young King, in this new manga Boichi will mainly picture fanservice and comedy. I believe you all know Boichi’s fascination for asses so you know what you can expect *perv*

Anyways, I hope to bring it to you soon. Stay tuned! V3 – coming soon

largeSo it’s already been over a year since I switched to’s V2 by bringing the site over to It was like a revolution for me after working with the dying combo MobileMe/iWeb. This V3 is the occasion for you to shape to your wish but we’ll talk about it at the end of this post.

As some of you might know, I’ve been really busy lately, one of the reason was that I had 27 hours of WordPress class last week. That’s why I’m taking the opportunity of my newfound knowledge to bring from wordpress.COM to wordpress.ORG. If you don’t know what’s the difference, please refer to this article.

So here’s the deal: I’ve started setting’s V3 on a self-hosted It’ll be sharing Japanzai’s server so performance will be at the top. The site itself is mainly functional, all the content is there. However, I need to readjust, update the articles/pages and add the necessaries plug-ins. This will take some time so the final transition will be either on christmas or new year.

I’m also taking this occasion to ask your opinion on what you’d like to see on this V3. Just post it in this post’s comments, not on the V3. I’ll update the following list with those I find interesting and cross it once implemented.

– Go to’s V3 –

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  • contact form
  • “like this”
  • social
  • ENG/FR
  • background

Sun-Ken Rock level 113

SKE level 113Life’s has been ectic and I haven’t been able to work on scanlation for the past 2 weeks, hence the delay on Sun-Ken Rock level 113. But here it is, as always by Enjoy your Sunday!

So yeah, Ken is getting his ass ended to him and the future looks dim. I won’t say anymore except that Yumin is back in the game and she’s still mad! Enjoy this awesome chapter that promise some big events coming soon.

Don’t forget try your chance for December’s Win a SKR contest themed Christmas! Just send your entries at

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

Sun-Ken Rock volume 1 and 2 are available at in english digitally! It’s a legal alternative to scanlation that allow us to support the mangaka: Boichi!

Win a SKR contest – November [RESULT]

6rAhYThis month’s winner is Bioman! For the third time!!!

This month’s theme was “Winter”.

Winner: Bioman (#1) with 18pts
2nd: BTrinidad (14pts)
3rd: Ragnarok (10pts)

Congratulation to all of them, you can check their entries on the voting thread. Congratulation to all the participants, let’s hope to see them back soon!

Also, December’s contest themed “Christmas” is ongoing. You have until the end of the month to submit your fanart.

Entries needs to be sent to Weaper through pm or e-mail:
– pm:
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Win a SKR November’s voting and December’s theme.

November’s “Win a SKR contest” voting thread is now open!

Starting today we will be voting on November’s “Win a SKR contest“. The voting will last for 2 weeks.
This month’s theme was “Winter”, so keep that in mind when you’re voting.
The winner will be able to choose a volume of Boichi’s work of his choice in the language of his choice (Japanese/French/Italian).


You can also take your chance at December’s contest themed “Christmas”. Hope that we’ll all get some great presents 😀

Entries needs to be sent to Weaper through pm or e-mail:
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