Sun-Ken Rock level 115

Sun-Ken Rock level 115

Sun-Ken Rock level 115Aaaaand Sun-Ken Rock level 115 is here for your eyes to feast upon! Brough to you by Japanzai.

As expected, Ken is back in the game and ready to face Ban Phuong again. Yumin’s support made him remember that he isn’t alone. He has countless people behind him! What about Ban Phuong? He fought because he loath the states but is that all?

Anyways, we once more caught up with the japanese publication and I can say that I’m proud of myself as well as all the people who helped me this week. In a mere week we were able to bring you 5 new chapters from Boichi’s titles: 2 chap of Momo no musume, 2 chap of Sun-ken Rock and one of the Hunt for Energy. I hope this will me makes me forgiven for that month-long break.

As the next Sun-Ken Rock chapter is due for the 28th of January in Japan and the next Momo no musume for the 19th of February, I’ll now resume the work on Toutetsu. It’s a long oneshot but I hope to release it soon.

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

This chapter is a part of 2013’s Young King #3.


4 thoughts on “Sun-Ken Rock level 115

  1. something that quite often pisses me off in this arch, is the amount of pages wasted showing the rotten building.

    thank you for the good work

  2. Damm i’m waiting to see the dark aura ( that we can see when he send the ex-king of the casino sleeping or when he talk with kim about the fact that state is a gang, thoses part make me think that ken still hiding a side of him really terrific) of the calamity they call Ken…
    Maybe someone have to die first but who?
    I get the feeling that the author got some cards in his sleeve to make end this arc on a path that we couldn’t think about…

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