Momo no musume chapter 2

Momo no musume chapter 2

Momo no musume chapter 2So after reflexion I chose to finish Momo no musume chapter 2 before Sun-Ken Rock level 115. Why? As to not spoil you too much, a bit of wait will make it even better.

This chapter titled “Momo’s stomach” is as usual released by Japanzai. In this second chapter Shintarou tries to reaffirm his position as the girls’ father, the result isn’t the one expected…

From what I can see, this manga won’t be some borderline hentai but rather a story toying with the limit of what’s perverted or not, and what’s difference it makes if it’s a man or a father doing this things. Shintarou will have a hard time but it’ll sure be interesting to see how it develops and what their relationship will bring in the future.

After a first chapter spanning 24 pages, this one cuts short to 16. I believe it’s going to be the normal length of the chapters from now on. Next one the 19th of February!

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

This chapter is a part of 2013′s Monthly Young King #3.


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