Sun Ken Rock level 114

Sun Ken Rock level 114

Sun Ken Rock level 114What do we want?

Sun Ken Rock level 114!

When do we want it?


Well, well, well… Lately, that seems to sums up the mindset of most leechers (not to associate with thankful readers).

Anyways here you go! Behold Sun Ken Rock level 114! Brought to you by Japanzai, this chapter is a BIG landmine as it answers a question old of 114 chapters: How will Yumin react when she will learn of Ken’s true job? What will she do? What did I get for dinner tonight?

I hope the ones who were complaining about a lack of progress in this arc will finally stop yapping. Especially since each chapters had an important point, maybe hard to grasp for the less implicated readers but still there.

I’m almost done on Sun Ken Rock level 115 too, just 4 double pages left to redraw. Might be able to release it over the week-end, especially since it’s just too fucking cold out there and there is not a chance in hell for me to step outside.

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

This chapter is a part of 2013’s Young King #2.


9 thoughts on “Sun Ken Rock level 114

  1. Whoaaaaa sa annonce toujours du lourd !!! Quel chapitre !! bon travail en tous cas!! Continuez, On vous supporte!

  2. Well thanks for the Chapter, but don’t you think, Yumin’s anger is a bit too lightly resolved, when there are Finghts lasting for a couple of chapters?

    • Yumin was pissed off because Ban Phuong and Ken both tried to “keep her safe” hence treatin her like a “damsel in distress”. Same goes for the fact that Ken was a gangster, he didn’t tell her to keep her safe from guilt coming from the fact that her father killed his parents.
      But after seeing how much he had to suffer since the begining and the lenght he went to rescue her, she had no choice but to support him.
      hence the “that’s not fair”…

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