Sun-Ken Rock volume 2 – HQ re-release

SKR-cover-vol-02aHQ release of Sun-Ken Rock volume 2

It’s been a while, a long time, an eternity (14 month) since the release of volume 1’s HQ version. We planned to do the same with vol 1 to 6 but Jmanga started releasing Sun-Ken Rock digitally and so we chose to stop and leave free them the way. Sun-Ken Rock volume 2 was mostly completed at that time, only level 12 was left to do. As to not waste the work and effort put into it, we chose to complete and release it but it’d be a couple month after Jmanga’s version. The time as come so here you go.

Remember, it’ll be the last of Japanzai‘s re-release of Sun-Ken Rock’s volume in HQ so from now on be sure to read from Jmanga! They are a legal alternative to scanlation that allows us all to give back to the mangaka: Boichi.

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai


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