Give a piece of your mind

I’m taking the chance of the recent surge in visits brought by the release of Sun-Ken Rock level 106 to run a little survey for

So give a piece of your mind!

What would you like to see on Something is missing? A page needs updating? Some grammatical error? Or even if you just like the site and want to say it, voice your opinion! I’ll do my best to shape these feedback into something that everybody can enjoy.


20 thoughts on “Give a piece of your mind

  1. Everything is excellent!!! Thank you for all of your time and effort to sub this awesome manga!!! This website is awesome as it is!!! Thanks again!

  2. I agree with the guys the only thing I can hope for is to have a small box in the page that gives an idea of ​​the progress of the current translation ….
    It is not for you to pressure you already excellent work, even without it will be okay already …
    And also if you can put the calendar Boichi a more accessible location on the page that would be great …

    Thankx for the hard work guys

    • I’ll make the calendar more accessible after I update it because it’s been a while since I last did…
      as for the progress of the scanlation, I don’t have full control over it as 5 people work on each chapter. I’ll see what I can do, maybe just a “done/not done” statuts for each phase of the work (raw/translation/proofreading/cleaning/typesetting/quality check) thought I already announce when I get the raw .

          • there is already a forum, well batoto’s, but the link is in the menu on top.
            as for the chatbox, I often tried to put one but doesn’t allow such things as of now and the alternatives offered are crap. Again, you can use the “Chat” tab in the top menu that will bring you to Japanzai’s chatroom where you can talk as you want

    • donation and such aren’t the aim of, if you really appreciate the work done by us fan and wants to help us maintain the site and purchase the raw, you can go to
      but thank you for the thought

    • These titles are mainly shojo or at least their korean equivalent.
      The art is basically different from his caracteristic detailed work in japan, that’s the korean’s webcomics aesthetics
      I’ll see to it maybe when SKR and the rest of his manga are done but unless I get a motivated korean TLer wanting to work on it, it won’t be done in a near future.

  3. Just wanted to say keep up the good work, awesome that you guys scanlate this since otherwise no one would:P I do wish there was some way to keep up with the work u guys do since sometimes it’s hard to know if a chapter will come soon or later:P

  4. Thank you for your hard work, every thing is great how it si you got my respeto for what you do lots of love from Mexico >.< and thank you again T.T

    • i really appreciate the effort of this guy to praise de good work you’ve being doing! i’m brazilian, and some times it’s very difficult to express myself in a foreign language, but i always do my best to somehow participate in the posts.

  5. Everything is great I`m very grateful for all that time that your team puts into sharing these awesome works from Boichi, (alot of people forget the fact that scanlators also have a life and stuff to do besides sitting at a computer cleaning panels)…. I also agree that a progression bar for the different series would be awesome, especially since I check for H.E ^_^ but I still find that a progression bar would still have it’s own limits so by all means you could drop that idea. Only suggestion is to do what you guys have been doing. ^_~

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