Sun-Ken Rock level 106

So yeah, here it is: THE chapter! I present to you Sun-Ken Rock level 106 released by Japanzai. It’ll bring its fair share of revelation but won’t I say more about it, go and enjoy!

You might also be interested in knowing that Japanzai will be making weekly releases of Sun-Ken Rock until caught up with the japanese publication. In short, if everything goes well, you’ll get your share of awesomeness on a weekly basis til level 112. So let’s say… on Tuesday.

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

And don’t forget to vote for the September’s edition of the Win a SKR contest: Ken for Prez! As well as take part to the October’s contest: Halloween!

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Also remember that Jmanga released Sun-Ken Rock volume 1 and 2 in english digitally! It’s a legal alternative to scanlation that allow us to support the mangaka: Boichi! Don’t hesitate!


11 thoughts on “Sun-Ken Rock level 106

  1. God damn. I may be greedy but I already want the next chapter. Props to Japanzai, Weaper and most importantly, Boichi!

  2. Omg, yumin, she already knows about ken, true identity, how is she going to react infront of him? What would she do? Ummmm. Really interesting…guy what do you think about??whats your opinion?

    • In my opinion, Yumin will accept this part of Ken, i got the feeling that she feel responsible for what happen to him since she found out that his parents have been kill by her father…
      Plus, is really something bad she’ll do? She’s a gangster too after all, we all feel that since her fight with her bodyguard, but maybe BOICHI will play with our minds, everything can happen from now it’s a turning point for Ken & Yumin…
      The only one that can have a hint is the trad of the next two chapter they are workin’ on…

  3. Awesome chapter!! I really hope this fight doesn’t drag on, like how Hajime No Ippo drags fights on(one round of a fight was like an entire volume!!! I was so pissed!)

    • don’t worry about that, even if it was the fight aren’t limited to a square and with a set time limit. It’s no sport here and you’ll see that soon.

  4. Thanks for the great chapter and damn good work! =)

    I get excited whenever I see a new chapter but when I reach the end I’m like “erhejvb amscdjahbcasgraaaaaaaaherggggh!” XD. Now, I can’t wait til the next one…and probably the next one, the one after that… etc… lol

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