Bunch of News

Today we have a few news in Boichi’s world. “Trigun – The lost plant”, “I want to feed Yumin”, “Sun-Ken Rock” and “H.E the hunt for energy” will all get their turn so read on!

Let’s start with “Trigun”. I bet most of you have already read “Trigun – The lost plant” (a tribute to Nightow’s manga “Trigun” for its movie adaptation “Badlands Rumbles”) but if you haven’t yet I stongly recommend you to look at it.

Or even better, buy “Trigun: Multiple Bullets” when it’s published by Dark Horse! They indeed have announced the licensing of this one-shot compilation last Saturday at their Anime Weekend Atlanta panel.

Among other short stories you’ll be able to find “Trigun – The lost plant“, Boichi’s one-shot.

This might seem a bit light and unfit to hold the top place in this post but think about it… IT’S THE FIRST TIME ONE OF BOICHI’S WORK IS PUBLISHED IN ENGLISH!!! Let’s hope it’s only the first of them all! So let’s wait for its publication the 6th of March.

Now it’s Yumin’s turn in “I want to feed Yumin” which finally got published as tank in Japanese! What’s more this month is a double treat as in addition of the usual monthly publication in Monthly Young King, this title is getting an additional commemorative chapter in Young King #21 to celebrate Sun-Ken Rock volume 17 and I want to feed Yumin simultaneous publishing on the 26th of November.

Next month’s issue will also be the last for this cutesy title, I hope you’ll enjoy it and will try to resume the scanlation soon.

Anyways, the cover hasn’t been made public but the volume can already be pre-ordered from Amazon.co.jp.

H.E the hunt for energy isn’t in rest with the announce of its 2nd volume publishing  Indeed, it’ll be available in japanese in a little more than a month.

The release date is on the 9th of November and can already be pre-ordered from Amazon.co.jp

We’re trying to resume the scanlation for this manga but life’s has been hectic lately and Sun-Ken Rock is taking the little bit of time left. As well, don’t worry as SKR lvl 106 will soon be ready for release. Stay strong for a few more days.

And last but not least, Sun-Ken Rock volume 17, published the same day as I want to feed Yumin as said earlier, on the 26th of November!

We don’t have yet a cover of it but I bet that, as it was done for volume 16, It’ll be based on the last Young King’s SKR cover, which is YK #20 as you can see on the right.

Once more, pre-orders are open through Amazon.co.jp.

edit: The part about I want to feed Yumin has been edited: Yumin is not getting from monthly to bi-monthly but rather ending with next monthly issue and got an additional commemorative chapter in the bi-weekly mag.


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