Sun-Ken Rock level 105

Yep, it’s already here! Let’s start a new week with Sun-Ken Rock level 105, freshly released by Japanzai.

To tell the truth, this chapter has been ready even before level 104 but well… we can’t spoil you too much or we won’t hear the end of it if next chapter tend to be a bit late 😛
Anyways, the sexy is back stronger than ever. Maybe you’ll stumble upon it pass a corner. New plot development and the enemies aren’t staying idle in the meantime, for better or worse. Enough rambling, more reading!


Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

And don’t forget to take your chance at the September’s edition of the Win a SKR contest!
See here: Win a SKR contest: Ken for Prez!

Also remember that Jmanga released Sun-Ken Rock volume 1 and 2 in english digitally! It’s a legal alternative to scanlation that allow us to support the mangaka: Boichi! Don’t hesitate!


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