Boichi’s draft [UPDATE]

SKR level 104 is underway and to kill some time I offer you to appreciate some of Boichi’s draft. You can see Sun Ken Rock, Raqiya, H.E, I want to feed Yumin and other. There is even 3 pages of SKR level 107 that was just finished and have yet to be published.

Enjoy the master’s work! Click HERE to see them.

[UPDATE]: 4 more draft were just posted by Boichi! Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Boichi’s draft [UPDATE]

  1. Those are cool, if I could draw like one artist out there, it’d be Boichi. Although I have other favorites, the art from Boichi’s just crazy-good. I don’t know why but his art is just captivating to me, from the moment I picked up SKR, then seeing his other works, it’s just awesome.

    Side-note: What about Level 104? =\ Keep up the great work regardless, you rock and thank you!

    • My bad, I meant SKR lvl 104 which is estimated in a few days. But know that SKR lvl 105 is also being worked on, script is ready and cleaning is on-going thanks to Prozess, Bioman and Diwrno.
      I’m only contemplating from the sidelines lately. Working sucks

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