Sun-Ken Rock level 103

Finally here comes Sun Ken Rock level 103 released by Japanzai. The face-off is still going strong and some opponents are now seeing another face of the country that pushed them to the point of no return.

Now, about why this chapter took so long… Raws were late and I am freaking busy with work lately. So busy that for the first time in a whole year, day for day, I wasn’t the one who cleaned this awesome manga. That’s why we should all show our thanks to someone whom the Win a SKR adepts already know well: Bioman.

Also, know that Jmanga recently released Sun-Ken Rock volume 2 in English. They are offering the legal alternative to scanlation, which also allows us to support the mangaka.

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

And don’t forget to take your chance at the August’s edition of the Win a SKR contest!



10 thoughts on “Sun-Ken Rock level 103

  1. i miss the fanservice! there was just a bunch of guys falling in love for ken!

    *thanks for the good work

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