Sun Ken Rock volume 2 [JManga]

Sun-Ken Rock volume 2 is now available in english by the official digital editor:

They are releasing volume at a fast pace and in good quality. It’s the perfect opportunity to reread this great manga and of course support the author!


Synopsis: Kitano Ken arrives in Korea in order to find Yumin, the girl he loves who has joined the rank of the Seoul Police. One day he find himself as the new Boss of a local Gang without any say in the situation. When life finally seemed to smile at him, Ken didn’t think twice before engaging in a fight with a Mafia gang in order to save Miss Yoo, the barmaid of the dabang where he usually hang out. Follow in that second volume, the rise of a Korean gang.

If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll need to register and acquire some points. You’ll need 499 (about $5) of these to read the full volume but you can also get it chapter by chapter for 108p each. A preview is also available if you want to see the goods before chipping in.


3 thoughts on “Sun Ken Rock volume 2 [JManga]

  1. I got 600 pts for FREE just after sign up.I don’t know if there is something to take my attention, disregarding Sun Ken Rock, to spend my points for.
    Some suggestions?

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