Sun-Ken Rock volume 16 [JP]

Sun-Ken Rock volume 16 is now available in preorder from Amazon! It’ll be published on August 27th 2012.

You can use the related link on the Support the mangaka page or simply use this directlink to preorder it.

As we thought, SKR vol 16 is indeed using the same art as Young King #12 for cover.


9 thoughts on “Sun-Ken Rock volume 16 [JP]

    • This is SKR volume 16 in japanese. Sun Ken Rock isn’t published in english, that is why we translate it to this language. We’ll stop the day it gets licensed in English.

      For now, you can buy up to volume 14 in French and Italian and of course up to volume 16 in jap.

    • Our raw provider gave us the chapter 3 weeks late and works has been hectic for me lately. To give you an idea, it will be the first time in a year and 3 volume that I won’t be the one cleaning that chapter.
      The wait shouldn’t be long so hang on.

  1. I hope don’t gets licensed in English why? because I live in mexico I can’t get it, I don’t get payed a lot. This is my favorite manga, that is why I got internet and it cost me a arm & a leg so thank you for your hard work keep it up. T.T

    • Well, the best we can hope for both this manga and Boichi is for it to be licenced. Plus I’m sure that $5 to $10 every 3 month for it won’t put much of a dent in your daily life. But if it is, there will still be the option of the Win a SKR contest to get it free.
      Good luck

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