Sun Ken Rock volume 1 [JManga]

JManga, a digital manga editor offering a wide range of manga, announced at its panel at San Diego Comic Con that Sun-Ken Rock will be added to its catalogue. Indeed, as of this 26th of July Sun-Ken Rock volume 1 will be available for a mere 500pts (about $5).

JManga’s site act as a portal where you can browse the catalogue and find manga to purchase and read, registeration is free. Once purchased, those manga will be listed in your profile under the form of a digital library that you’ll be able to reach simply by connecting to the portal. You have two choices in payment plan: “Pay-as-you-go Plan” and “Monthly Point Plan”.

What’s more, an iOS and Android app will be released in October. The perfect opportunity to bring your favorite titles with you everywhere!

Remember that although this volume has been available online previously, purchasing SKR from JManga supports Boichi and will bring you even more SKR in the future.


3 thoughts on “Sun Ken Rock volume 1 [JManga]

    • That is a rightful point and indeed the HQ version of volume 4 to 6 will most likely be stopped as to not hinder JManga. However, volume 2 and 3 are in their final stages: all cleans, redraws, translation are done and 50% of the typesetting. We don’t want to waste the time spent working on it (crossing easily the 100 cumuled hours) so they will still be released.

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