Sun-Ken Rock level 101

Already a new chapter brough to you by Japanzai. Sun-Ken Rock level 101 is here! This chapter act as a transition and introduce us to the fights that will now happen. Lots of tension and some ecchi in sight for the big fight “Kae-Lyn VS Hobbo Girl”. Of course, the Sun-Ken Rock team still have a lots of enemies to face.

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

Also, do not forget our monthly Win a SKR contest and try to win a volume of Sun Ken Rock! This month’s theme is “SKR’s Summer”


6 thoughts on “Sun-Ken Rock level 101

  1. Okay , since you seem so devoted to the artist , thought you might wanna add a schedule section , so we know when he takes a break or when the chapters get released [raw or translated 😛 ]

    • for the raw, you can just check the Boichi’s calendar that I try to keep updated:
      as for a scheduled release, it’d be possible if I wan’t at the mercy of a whimsical raw provider that can give me the raw the day of the release or a month later depending on his mood. I’d better not be spammed by msg such as “where’s the chap!!!” if he is a bit late.
      No matter what happens, I’ll try to release the chapters under a week from the time I get the raw

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