Win a SKR contest – May / vote

And here we start the voting thread for May’s “Win a SKR contest!”

Starting today (1st of June) we will be voting on May’s “Win a SKR contest”. The voting will last for 2 weeks. This is actually the first contest voting thread, since last month we only had one entry and the month before that we had none. That’s why I’m so happy to have 6 pieces of fan art for you to vote on below.

This month’s theme was “Kitano Ken strike pose”, so keep that in mind when you’re voting. The winner will be able to choose a volume of Boichi’s work of his choice in the language of his choice (Japanese/French/Italian).


EDIT: is currently experiencing some trouble related to the server.
It will be fixed in a day or two. Thanks for understanding

EDIT 2: Everything is sorted out, you can resume the voting,
sorry for the inconvenience


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