Young King 12

To celebrate Sun Ken Rock’s 100th chapter the manga will make the cover and preface of Young King #12 and have a stunning 40 pages long chapter!

The fights will surely reach a new peak as we progress toward this arc conclusion. Will Pickaxe hold his own against the Mongolians? Will Benito overcome his fear and come back in the fight? Will Ken win against Mr Engine? And what about the rest of the team?

I’ll try my best to bring you this chapter the soonest possible.


6 thoughts on “Young King 12

  1. badass!!! this manga kick ass!!! I would love to see them turning this into anime!!! will buy the manga if it’s out in English!!!

  2. I also im in love with these manga, I cant wait to see the upcoming chapters. Thank you for your hard work!

  3. This manga is one of the best that I read in my whole life!
    Thanks for the translate and the hard work Weaper!

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