Vote for Sun Ken Rock [UPDATED]

Like I previously announced in this post, Sun Ken Rock is part of the manga selection of the Japan Expo Awards 2012 in the Seinen category. Ken needs your support!

The site is in french but voting is easy, just follow these short steps:

1. Go to the “Votez!” tab, then in the “Manga” category.

2. Select your manga, enter your e-mail, the captcha and hit “Valider”.

3. You’ll receive a validation e-mail, just click on the link provided and you’re done.

[UPDATE] Only 2 days left to support Sun Ken Rock at the Japan Expo Awards. Didn’t vote yet? Let’s all help to make SKR number 1!


3 thoughts on “Vote for Sun Ken Rock [UPDATED]

    • thanks for your support but this isn’t a vote for but for the manga itself to be awarded the title of best Seinen of 2012 in France.
      The results will be known at the Japan Expo at Paris. It’s the biggest french manga convention that happens once a year.

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