Sun-Ken Rock volume 15 [JP] [UPDATED]

Sun-Ken Rock volume 15 is now available in preorder from Amazon! It’ll be published the 23rd April 2012.

As volume 14 had SKR Gaiden Yumin level 1 as extra chapter and I think level 2 will be this volume’s extra, to make the page count fit, it should be composed of SKR level 92 to 97 plus SKR Gaiden Yumin level 2.

There is no visual of the cover yet, however you can already preorder it on This post will be updated once the cover is made public.

On another note, SKR level 96 is already available in mag (Young King #8) but sadly the raw provider didn’t bought/scan it yet. I found another alternative that I’ll can use if needed.
HOWEVER, I could also wait for the 23rd to buy and scan the volume. This would means several things:
1- Volume scan provide a better quality
2- The cover
3- Hardcover bonus and omake
4- Time and money saved.
Think about it, if you can wait 2 more week for these 2 chapter or not and answer the poll. Following the result, I’ll make my decision by monday.

[UPDATE] Sun Ken Rock volume 15 contain SKR level 92 to 95. Why only 4 chapter? That’s because SKR Gaiden Pickaxe calamity 1 to 5 are in this volume. SKR volume 16 starts with level 96


3 thoughts on “Sun-Ken Rock volume 15 [JP] [UPDATED]

  1. Might as well wait for the volume raw. Do you know if JP-Amazon ships to a US address? If it does, I’ll order it for you.

    • JP-Amazon does ship to the US but don’t worry about that, I shared the link for peoples to order it from themselves, if I chose to go with the volume raw I’ll have someone buy and scan it in Japan the day it’s out as to not wait for the shipping.
      I already did that for volume 14.
      Thanks for the thought

  2. Well i really need to read sun-ken but i think i will wait for the volume… With chance we will have 3 new chapters and for three sun-ken there is no question…

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