Sun Ken Rock re-edition part 2

First a word, as you might have seen ads are now displaying on I know that some will be against it but these ads would have been there anyways if I didn’t pay for the yearly package. From what I can see, there is only 1 per page.

Why ads? Some people might already know but Batoto’s ads sharing system is currently unavailable. It means that we have considerably less money to pay for the raw, servers (Japanzai’s) and other service. These ads are here to help cover these cost and I don’t think they’ll hinder the time spent on this site. It’s not a definite setting, if we find an alternative it could really well be removed as soon as tomorrow. Of course, feel free to voice your opinion about it, I’ll be considering each of them.

Now, to make myself forgiven (a bit?) I come here with the news of 2 chapter of SKR that fell into my lap earlier today. Of course I’m talking about level 98 and 99. I’ll do my best to release them the earliest possible.

In the meantime, enjoy the 2nd part of our SKR V2, it is made of 4 chapters going from partial to full re-edition. Enjoy 😉

Sun Ken Rock level 54, Full re-edition.

Sun Ken Rock level 67, Full re-edition.

Sun Ken Rock level 72, Full re-edition.

Sun Ken Rock level 73, better color pages (3) and a missing double page redraw.

They are available in the Sun Ken Rock Download folder for about 2 week before being only in the volume batch. That is so you don’t have to DL a whole volume for a single chapter.


8 thoughts on “Sun Ken Rock re-edition part 2

  1. you guys do alot of work and it costs even more to provide it to us tbh i’m thankful that people like you exists don’t worry and do whatever you see it fits i’m always supporting you guys soon i hope i can help more than supporting 😀

  2. work hard, dont worried about it, it just fine whatever comment yu heard, it doesnt mean that it meant, people probably judge yu or th web,, keep moving foward,, I believe that u ar doing a great job by informing us or lettng us about skr chapters.. Im really happy about wht yu hav done for all the fans,, Thank You!!!

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