Sun-Ken Rock level 97

As promised I present you Sun-Ken Rock level 97 scanlated by Japanzai.

This chapter focus mainly on everyone’s favorite duo: Pickaxe and Benito! Let’s enjoy their awesomeness… or not. Enjoy!

ps: we are now up to date with the japanese release (bi-weekly), next chapter will be out the 23rd, same day as Sun-Ken Rock volume 15 publishing.

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

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14 thoughts on “Sun-Ken Rock level 97

  1. thank you very much
    i can’t believe what benito did to pickaxe so funny lol
    keep the hard work and if you need anything we are here =]

  2. Many Thanks for the hard work, also wondering how is the progress with the H.E series?

    • until now we only had c4 and c5 but we found c2 and c3 just 2 days ago. they’ll be soon scanned and I’ll try to get a chapter out every 7 to 10 days.

      • Thanks for the feedback, was only out of curiosity don’t feel pressured and take your time =D

  3. I thought there were 3 twins that defeat Do-Heun Chang (the guy who dropped from the 7th floor onto his car). 2 Skinny and short. We saw the one that speaks a lot, but what about the other one and 1 fat. Did the mangaka forget his existence lol? Or am I just blind, and missed him? If so, please tell me where all 3 of them appear in the latest chapters.

    • I believe the third “brother” is hidding somewhere to jump in and surprise attack at the best time. There is indeed 3 of them, just that they fight in a sneaky way so the last one must still be hidden

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