Win a SKR contest (bis)

Like some of you might know, the Win a SKR contest has been runing since February. However, there was no participant since then. I put it on the fact that it was also when SKR’s main story took a break.
So here’s the deal: this contest will be running for 2 more month, if by the end of May there isn’t a satisfying number of entries monthly (at least 3), then it’ll be ended. Of course winners will still receive their prize.

Now, some of you might be wondering what this contest is about. It basically allow you to win a work by Boichi in the language of your choice (Japanese/French/Italian) and to have it shipped to your place (of course for free). You just have to produce an original fan art followed the month’s theme.

See for more (rules and such): Win a SKR contest.

This month’s theme is the same as February’s: “Team Sun Ken Rock


One thought on “Win a SKR contest (bis)

  1. Thats really nice. Didn’t have the time to finish my work properly, because of some exams.

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