Sun-Ken Rock level 95 and’s 1 year!

First, a short “Hoorah!” for’s first anniversary!!! Over this year I did my best to bring you always more work by Boichi, all thanks to all the people who helped along the way! Let’s keep it coming.

Time to get serious, here’s the long-awaited Sun-Ken Rock level 95 by Japanzai! You were waiting for it since the last release in February, however you must know that Sun-Ken Rock’s main story was on break in Japan since December 2011!!! Shit just got real!

Here’s the little story behind that release’s delay for the ones patient enough to read it, for the rest, just skip to the links further down.

So, Sun-Ken Rock is back from a 4 month break with that 95th chapter. However, our raw provider was quite behind in his raw scanning (over 40 magazines!) so instead of getting the chapter’s raw the 12th of march I received it the 23rd at 2am… while I was leaving for a week-long trip across the country for my school’s entry exams just a few hours later…
BUT that isn’t enough! Kensoe Team‘s redrawer that was usually helping us is also busy with IRL and can’t do it this time around, what a luck when 10 of the 40 pages are doubles and needs redraws.
More? The usual translator for it, Tran Linh, is too busy with work and has retired from scanlation!
That’s when I found my two Messiah: Prozess and Grim Reaper! They were already helping me on “I want to feed Yumin” and the SKR Gaidens. So now that I had the raw, a TLer and a redrawer (if I didn’t, I would be starting the redraws just now :P) I still had to find time to clean it… about 50% of that chapter was cleaned in a train!
Long story short: got finger cramps and overused my touchpad (can’t use a mouse in the train) but the chapter is out!

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

Also, do not forget our monthly contest and try to win a volume of Sun Ken Rock! See here: Win a SKR contest


23 thoughts on “Sun-Ken Rock level 95 and’s 1 year!


    Also listened to Manowar – Warriors of the World United. Finished both of them in time with each other!

    Shit got REAL 😀

  2. Thanks for the hardwork Weaper! Mad props to you, Prozess and Grim Reaper! Much appreciated!

  3. Happy Birthday one year old and still honing those epic faces XD
    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! the chapter was indeed a great incentive to look forward to this week.

  4. Thank you so much guys, happy birthday !! This chapter is fucking freaking fucking fucking fucking awesome !!

  5. Might i suggest using a trackball. It works great on trains and other cramped up places. Thank you very much for this release! Very much appreciate all your efforts.

    • I passed expert on the use of the touchpad now xD.
      I was usually using the mouse with my right hand and the touchpad (to move around and zoom) with the left along the keyboard’s shortcut. Using only 1 hand is indeed way longer 😛
      I’ll keep the trackball idea in mind, thanks

  6. great, i was waiting this chapter and the next, and next and the next XD
    i hope that doesnt stop again

    and many thanks to you, for your work ==)

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