SKR lvl 95/96 raw

Finally got the raw for Sun Ken Rock level 95!

I’m downloading the file and will start the work asap. The chapter is still 40 pages long so it should take 1 to 5 days to make all the editing but I’ll make my utmost to have it as soon as possible. Some IRL issues are coming too but nevermind 😀

SKR lvl 96 should be published the 26th as Young King is a bi-weekly magazine, I should have the raw way faster this time.

Thanks for waiting.


21 thoughts on “SKR lvl 95/96 raw

  1. yeah….. yippee…. i have been dying….. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

    • TL: 100%
      clean/redraw: 70%
      TS: 0%
      PR/QC: 0%

      the big part of the work was the cleaning and redrawing, 40 pages with 10 double pages. It’d have been released on Sunday if I had the time.
      I have a 4h long train ride tomorrow so I should finish all that burning on the remaining page.

      SKR Gaiden Pickaxe c4 is almost done too.

      • Thanks for ur hard work! I just wanna know about the update, not being a pusher or anything… I’m just too excited! hope u understand.. Thanks again

  2. STOP asking about eta. Just say thanks…if you guys really like it, BUY IT!!!! or get the therapy!!! :/

      • Sadly, no english version of any work by Boichi is currently available.
        Sun Ken Rock is only published in Japanese, French, Italian, Chinese and Thaiwanese.
        I’d be sure to make a post about it if they ever publish it in English.

  3. I don’t think I have anticipated as much for a manga chapter to come out as much as this one. I have been checking this site like every hour for the last few days. God, I feel like a drug addict searching for my next fix. Well, I guess that just means this manga is very good. Thank you for the hard work and allowing people like me to enjoy the fruits of your endeavor. I will be (in)patiently waiting 🙂

    • I know exactly how you feel I’ve been doing the same thing ever since I got word of him getting the raws lol i can not wait to see these epic battles that are about to go down. I also wonder who the master monk is going to fight.

      • Yes Yes Yes!!! I’m the same way.. don’t wanna leave anymore comments to bother him. It’s nice enough we get it for free without paying… But seriously, If I can find an English one for this chapter I will be glad to pay it!!!

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