Sun Ken Rock level 95 delayed

I’m sad to anounce that SKR lvl 95 is currently delayed for a few more days due to circumstance out of my reach. It’ll be released as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

More precisely, our raw provider is quite late but that should be settled soon, I’m currently waiting for Sun Ken Rock level 95, Sun Ken Rock Gaiden Pickaxe calamity 5, H.E The hunt for Energy c2, 3 and 5, I want to feed Yumin 5.

Feel free to ask question if needs be, I’ll do my best to answer them.


19 thoughts on “Sun Ken Rock level 95 delayed

    • ……. Work hard and fast if you can thnx oh and thx for your hard work………. Yeah that’s about it

  1. Thankx that still awesome that the new chap coming take all the time you need, and thanks 4 the hard work…
    I got a question, is it really a 40 pages chapter?
    And when the next one is supposed to be released?
    Sorry 4 mistakes am french…

    • oui, il a été indiqué sur le twitter de Shonen Gahosha Young King que ce chapitre auras 40 pages.
      Le prochain chapitre (96) devrait etre publié le 26, si mes problèmes de scan sont résolus vous pourriez avoir 2 chapitres trés proche l’un de l’autre.

      yes, Shonan Gahosha anounced on his Young King’s twitter account that SKR’s new chapter will be 40 pages long.
      The next chapter should be published march 26 and if my raw providing issues are settled by then, I might provide the 2 chapters really close to each other.

  2. this true website sunkenrock??
    i like that manga i hope i can read next episode..
    please continue this story i wan to know about yumi xD

  3. Hi, first thank you for all, but, could you tell me an approximate date of publication of the manga, please?
    Everyday way to review, and do not want to seem ungrateful, but it is the adccion …. xD

    • The only thing I can do myself is wait, wait for the raw provider scan the damn mag…
      I don’t have any more info but as I saw that he restarted scanning some mag yesterday (11) I think SKR should be really soon, that’s the more accurate I can be.

  4. I don’t know who pays you but I really want to thank you for you work. 🙂 Cheers form Croatia

    • Nobody pay me/us. That’s only a fan work that we do with our free time and own funds.
      And it’s always nice to see peoples from all around the world so cheers!

  5. Merci pour votre super boulot les gars, j’adore ce manga et attend avec impatience le prochaine chapitre.
    Cheers from korea!

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