Sun Ken Rock Gaiden – Pickaxe calamity #1

Ok, brought to you by Japanzai here is the first chapter of the SKR side story with Pickaxe as main character: Sun Ken Rock Gaiden Pickaxe – The Dango Knight. It’s sci-fi, it’s nsfw, it’s comic. To sum it up it’s PICKAXE!!!

I can already hear you asking about SKR lvl 95 so here is the answer: Sun Ken Rock level 95 isn’t published yet, instead 4 chapter of SKR Gaiden Pickaxe were released and there will most likely be at least one more. When level 95 is released it’ll take priority but in the meanwhile we’ll be doing this gaiden.

Synopsis: This story is titled “The Dango Knight”. After Pickaxe moved out for Seoul Pickaxe spend his life as a NEET but one day he finds a strange suit that allow him to become a the Dango Knight. While searching to make money out of his new situation, he’ll come to face the hyper dangerous evil organisation Dark Roach and its sexy leader…

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

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One thought on “Sun Ken Rock Gaiden – Pickaxe calamity #1

  1. Oh man that was stupidly funny. I just knew it was going to be way out there when it’s Pickaxe as a sci-fi super hero.

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