Sun-Ken Rock level 94

Here’s Sun Ken Rock level 94 brought to you by Japanzai with Kensoe team for the redraws.

The gang is on the move and level 95 promise to be epic! Next release (94.5) will be a hilarious extra about Pickaxe. I know you’ll like it

What’s more we have a page colored by Warmaximus, be sure to pay a visit to his DeviantArt page.

The chapter is watermarked for now and the DL link will be up along the clean version in  24 hours or less. The watermark should disappear for every browser if read on Japanzai. For Batoto, only Firefox, Opera or Chrome (with a plug-in) will works.  Now unwaterwarked and available for DL.

Download: Japanzai

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

Also, do not forget our new monthly contest and try to win a volume of Sun Ken Rock! See here: Win a SKR contest


6 thoughts on “Sun-Ken Rock level 94

    • Sun Ken Rock is a bi-weekly manga (every 2 week).
      Level 95 isn’t released yet and the past 5 magazine had SKR Gaiden Pickaxe instead of the regular SKR, that’s why I think we can expect a 100 page long chapter for lvl 95.

  1. Diooooooooos esta serie es GENIAL!!! aun estoy esperando en cap. 95, quisiera saber cuando sale?. Gracias!!!

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