Win a SKR contest

This is a draft of the rules and aspects for the Sun-Ken Rock contest that we previously announced here. The amount of potential participants is satisfying, and thus the contest will run.

Changes are likely to be made as to improve the contest.

– Each round will be 6 weeks long, with a new contest every month. One month to make and submit your entry, two weeks of voting for each contest.
– The contest will run at, and you need to be a registered user to participate and vote (in order to help ensure fairness).
– Any member can participate and vote. Staff of Japanzai can vote (they get 1 vote per contest, as do regular members), but cannot participate at this time.
– If there are up to 25 entries, only 1st place will receive the volume of his choice.
– If there are over 25 entries, the first 3 places will get to choose a volume each.
– Only 1 entry per month per participant.
– Winners can choose the volume of their choice in the language of their choice (Japanese/French/Italian)
– Winners need to give their addresses to Weaper if they want to receive their prizes.

The theme of the contest will be announced at the beginning of each round, and entries need to be submitted by the end of the first 4 weeks of each round. After the first 4 weeks there will be no more submissions for that round. The voting will then begin, lasting two weeks. After the submissions finishes the new round will start and the cycle will continue.

The voting will be conducted as follows:
– Each member can list up to 3 entries of his choice.
– Every entry needs to be ordered from 1 to 3, with 1 being your favourite, 2 your 2nd choice and so on.
– #1 gets 3 points, #2 gets 2 points, #3 gets 1 point.
– We will add up the points won by each contestant, first place obviously going to the one with the most points and so on.

The winning entries will be part of a Sun-Ken Rock release with the message “Win SKR vol #1, 2 and/or 3”, along with the month of the contest they won. A link to their DeviantArt page or personal website can be added to the chapter’s release post if applicable.
The winning entries will be posted in the “hall of fame” at

April’s contest is themed “Team Sun-Ken”.
Entries should be original art featuring one or several members of the main team.
Mai’s contest will be themed “Kitano Ken strike pose”.
Entries should be original art featuring Kitano Ken in a powerful pose, like he is often represented by Boichi.

Please post your entries by the end of the month. The voting will start after the end of the month, lasting for two week.



16 thoughts on “Win a SKR contest

  1. I know you stated we cannot use a page in SKR and just color it, but can we use a part of a page in a drawing? In my case i really can’t draw faces well so I’m just wondering if i can use parts of a face from different pages all completely hand drawn of course (but don’t expect color because i suck at coloring)

    • of course, you can use whetever way you want to make it. be it drawing by hand or by photoshop (or whatever other program there is)

  2. Hello! I was just wondering if you are still running the contest? I would to enter it! I ‘m in love with Sun-ken Rock!!!

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