Hello everybody. The reason behind this thread is to see the reach and possibilities of an idea of mine: offering Sun-Ken Rock‘s physical volumes as prizes.

These prizes would be offered after a contest, be it coloring, redrawing, or simply fan art. The winner’s entry would be included in a release of Sun Ken Rock. Feel free to give other ideas in the comments.

For that we need 2 things: enough entries and enough voters. In regards to that second point, the 200+ votes on recent polls have shown that the latter condition is fulfilled. These polls are filtered by IP and by Cookies, but if needed the contest could be held over at Japanzai with only members able to vote as to offers perfect fairness.

As you know, Sun-Ken Rock isn’t available in English, so the volume offered would be either in Japanese, French or Italian. You’ll be free to choose from these 3 languages. Also, the contest would be running monthly or bimonthly depending on the number of entries, so if someone wins 2 or more times he’ll be able to receive another volume, ultimately making it possible to own the whole collection. Currently available volume are:

– Sun Ken Rock in Japanese: volume 1 to 14
– Sun Ken Rock in French: volume 1 to 12
– Sun Ken Rock in Italian: volume 1 to 12
As for the costs of shipping and the volumes, I’d personally handle them. You’ll just have to give your address, which I would of course keep private. That being said, the shipping won’t be by air or any priority mailing (hey, that’s expensive, ya know?).


10 thoughts on “Idea

  1. Yo I love this series would be glad to participate and hand over all my information and possessions including my house and car 🙂

  2. Ottima idea!!! Ma si vincono tutti i numeri usciti di un’edizione, giusto? per esempio se vincerei, potrei prendere tutti e 14 i volumi di Sun-Ken Rock in Giapponese?

    • No, winning the 14 volume at once would be too hard on my wallet. you’d win 1 volume for each time you win the contest. So you’d need to win 14 time to have the full collection.

  3. Looks like christmas is gonna happen earlier this year….. At the cost of winning that is.

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