Sun-Ken Rock level 91

Here is Sun Ken Rock level 91, released by Japanzai with the help of Kensoe Team who handles the redraws (7 double pages in this chap!). They’ll also help with Sun Ken Rock volumes 2 to 5 and will be scanlating SKR in spanish from chapter 1.

We also have an awesome double color page made by Warmaximus. Pay a  visit to his Deviant Art page.

This chapter is the last of volume 14. We should release the volume batch with levels 86 to 88 redone using the tank raw on new year’s. There will also be a 1 page omake.

Download: DepositFiles

Read online: Batoto // Japanzai

The watermark-free version of SKR lvl 90 is now available. SKR lvl 91 is watermarked until the next release.


6 thoughts on “Sun-Ken Rock level 91

  1. Absolutely epic, can’t wait to read the next chapter. Thanks so much for your work on this and Merry Christmas!

  2. i love the way you do things =) if you do everything in your life with half of the care you have with this blog/site/project, i’m sure everyone will be very sucessfull =)
    merry xmas and happy new year!

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